March 2022 Belt Testing

FCMA Students and Parents,


Congratulations we are now getting ready for March Belt Exams. We want to acknowledge your hard work and will be doing Belt Testing March 19th - 24th. Belt testing will be done in regular scheduled class and Virtual Testing will take place during the regular Zoom Classes.

Anyone that misses testing due to vacation will be tested upon return.

You will need to check the testing list to make sure you are on the list. (If we've missed you by accident please let us know)

***For those that are new to the school if you are not testing this round you will participate during the June Belt Exams when you have more classes and are eligible.***

If you are not testing you should still attend as it will still be stripe testing for those that do not have enough classes for Belt Promotion.

Grading payments are due March 12th

These students have met the following criteria.

  1. Consistent Prior Indoor and/or Virtual Attendance.
  2. Engaged in the Classes.
  3. Feel they are ready for the challenge.

Little Dragons List

Kids White - Red/Black Belt List

Phased Kids - Black/Red - Jr. Black Red Stripe List

Teens and Adults List



1. E-Transfer $35.00 for your Grading Fee.

This is for all Little Dragons, Kids White - Red/Black Belt and Teens/Adult Members.

2. E-Transfer $50.00 for your Grading Fee if you testing for Phase 1, Phase 2 and 3 Jr. Black Belts. This is Black/Red, Jr. Blk White Stripe and Jr. Blk Red Stripe.

You can E-Transfer to and please put your Child's name in the comments section.

****March 12th, 2022 is the last day for E-Transfer and then we will begin scheduling our exams.****


 We look forward to your continued progress and are dedicated to your achievements.

Sensei Chris