Summer Karate FUN!

This Summer, let First Choice Martial Arts help your child succed in life. With our 8 Week Summer Program kids and parents can see how we cam make a differnce in your life.

To see how much impact our program can have we invite you to try our 2 FREE Intro lessons and see why so many families bring their chidlren to First Choice Martial Arts.

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first Choice - The Right Choice 

Our guiding principles for exceptional martial arts students

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Confidence is the foundation for success in life.  By cnosistently practising and developing this attribue it will set up chidlren for success..


Our team goes above and beyond to provide personalized teaching and hands on instruction. We believe in making a positive impact on the lives of our students and assisitng them with better control in their lives.


Having the ability to block out distractions and focus on the task at hand is essential in todays digitial world. Kids need coping skills that teach them to focus on longer term goals and be able to concentrate on the task at hand.


Being able to devlop the habit and disciplne for repetiton teaches children to become focused on doing things more than once. This sets kids up for success not only in Karate but life as well..

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Life Skills
for Ages 3 & Up

Our program is specifically designed for kids ages 3 & up. Kids learn the benefits of respect and self-discipline in a structured class setting. Watch as your child becomes more self-disciplined in every aspect of thier life!.

What we offer

From our Tiny Tigers, Little Dragons, Kids and Teens class we have something to offer for your child to suceed..

For a limited time we are offering an 8 WEEK Summer Program to see what martial arts can do for your child.

With limited spots available we are so confident that your child will benfefit so much from what are classes have to offer.

Call or email us today and try our 2 FREE Lesson Program to see what karate can do for your child.