You May have to Fight a Battle More than Once to Win It.

One year ago students, at First Choice Martial Arts were wearing their running shoes, baseball hats, and sunscreen as they were training outside during one of our modified lockdowns. Fast forward to one year later and we just had two amazing graduations this past Saturday at Hamilton District Christian High School.

What a sight to see, students performing together and families sharing the experience all in one room as the positivity rippled throughout the building. Watching this effect in the following weeks and months to come will truly be exciting. Now getting back to one year ago, I distinctly remember a student that came to class after a long day in the sun and was not very interested in being outside any longer. You could see she was worn out from the day's activities and spending another 30 minutes in the sun was not going to happen.

This student simply did what might be expected and left karate that day and returned later. The reason I bring this up is sometimes as parents, instructors, and mentors you must pick the battles that matter the most. It didn't make sense on that hot summer day to push her as we knew if we gave her a little bit of space and followed up with an action plan, we would just resume our class the next day. Having said that we did make sure there was some accountability and gave her the plan so that she was prepped on what to expect. The next day when she returned, she was a completely different student and we paid particular attention because of the previous situation. Mom and the instructors made no mention of the past and only moved forward to get the most out of the lesson.

I want to bring you up to speed, a year later because this student recently tested for her purple belt this past week. She surprised me tenfold when I saw her unbelievable and unwavering focus throughout her grading as she was engaged and determined. Following that up she was spot on at graduation and performed to the best of her ability and looked like a leader within her group. It is amazing, that kids can be so emotional and sometimes parents and instructors are easily influenced, but with a logical approach and a little planning, it isn't that hard to overcome any challenge. Be mindful that in the weeks to come it is important to have logic on our side as we approach the hot summer months and pick our battles.

With that said don't let the extra time on your hands allow disorganization to creep in as it will just make things harder when we approach the fall and back-to-school sessions. The kids are doing so well, and it is great to see them approaching each level as they trek their way to Black Belt Excellence. Long-term commitments followed up with focus and dedication can only make them more successful, disciplined and an example to follow among their peers.

Always remember, “Goals we Set are Goals we Get!”

Sensei Chris