When you Visualize, then you Materialize

Now that we're into October we are well into our new curriculum cycle and on the path to our next ranks. With testing, we typically break things down into three phases and they consist of learning, perfection, and performance. Next week will mark our first stripe test as we try to take our first step toward our next belt.

What students should expect next week for their green stripe is to be able to loosely follow along with their form and routine. What this means is you will see students thinking as they work through the movements. This is all about memorization and for the beginner forms you may be required to know most of the form whereas for the advanced forms it could be to the halfway point. Whatever the goal is, the focus should be on knowing and not guessing your way through the class. This will require complete focus and it shouldn’t that difficult if you’ve been attending your classes with a good attitude.

The purpose of the first stripe is to help students learn the valuable skill of visualization. Being able to think in your head, recall and deliver information is a valuable life skill as a martial artist. These skills are designed to be transferable into other areas of one's life and it isn’t surprising to see why karate students do so well in school.

Lastly, remember to have fun and keep it low pressure as our goal is to build up our confidence as we take each step towards Black Belt Excellence. We still have plenty of time to further master and perfect the form in the coming months so don’t beat yourself up if it isn’t Belt ready at this moment in time.

Always remember inch by inch it’s a cinch and yard by yard it’s going to be hard.

Sensei Chris