Turn the Page or Close the Book

If there was one thing that could make the difference, or make the problem disappear, what would it be? Sure, there may be a lot of steps necessary to tackle that challenge, issue, or goal but taking one step or one action could make all the difference.

When we look at problems or goals, facing us, it is so easy to become overwhelmed with the what-ifs that many people get discouraged when they begin to even think of it. Using the one-thing or one-action method is a great way to start any challenge as it puts you in the game rather than letting you sit on the sidelines. Sometimes our minds are wired so negatively that when we think of all the good that could come, we instantly go back to all the reasons as to why not to do something.

Just yesterday we had a student who got through the first class in an inspiring manner. He put himself in his game and was through the class before he knew it; yet just a day prior this same student decided to watch the class as it looked a little intimidating. However, with a little reassurance from his dad, the Sensei, and another Little Dragon Toro, this Dragon came back and knocked it out of the park. Had he decided to stay on the sidelines it would have taken another attempt to get the confidence to try, but now he and his classmates are further ahead.  It looks like the road to many more successful lessons, gradings, and future Black Belt has begun.

The wheels are now set in motion, and it is clear getting into the game is going to have a profound effect. This is a metaphor for life as we must constantly do things that make us uncomfortable to grow and luckily karate provides that platform.

So, with this week's stripe test, let’s find new ways to implement the one-thing or one-action method so you can continue to strive for bigger and better results with your training. Oh yeah and if you happen to find yourself at a new chapter you haven’t been at before, please remember, there comes a time when you have to choose to turn the page or close the book!

Sensei Chris