Time Management Masters

This week we were working with some demo teams in the beginner class and when it came time to perform you could see a little nervousness in the students’ eyes. When I asked who wanted to go first 2 students Levi and Carlu raised their hands immediately indicating they would like to perform sooner than later. It was obvious that getting the task over with would put their minds at ease as they were prepared at that moment in time.

After all the teams performed, we further discussed the concept of time and anxiousness and how it might affect things like performing, tests, and challenges. We concluded you have two options when you have work to do, and it pretty much came down to the wise words of Yoda “Do or do not!”

The habit of procrastinating can be dangerous and not only does it prevent people from achieving their best, but it can also create feelings of despair and overwhelms. As an adult, it is easy to recognize what it is and how it will impact you logically, but for children, it isn’t that easy. On the other hand, the habit of doing things now or in real-time is also a habit kids can benefit from learning at an early age.

Fortunately, at the dojo, kids are encouraged to do their best at any given moment and do it now rather than later. We are lucky to have a culture of doers at the school and we as instructors get just as much out of the lesson as our karate students.

After we concluded our chat, it was evident that each member was looking forward to tackling the challenge as soon as possible as it was clear that even newer students had adopted a winning mindset at First Choice Martial Arts.

If this week indicated the tempo that’s been set, we cannot wait to see what happens next week!

Sensei Chris