The Harder you Work, The Luckier you Get

September has finally arrived and after a fantastic summer, we are pleased to announce the winners from this year’s Summerfest draw. We Would like to congratulate you on your hard work and the amazing attendance you showed the past two months.

With any contest, there is always a hidden agenda and for us, at First Choice Martial Arts, it was to inspire you to work as hard as possible during those humid summer days. With thousands and thousands of tickets awarded this July and August it was anybody's guess who the lucky winners might be.

A long time ago I heard an inspiring quote “The harder you work the luckier you get.”  As students, I'm sure if you think about all the effort that you spent these last couple of months, and how you put yourself in a good position for this month’s belt test it is a lot easier to recognize the progress you have made. Hold on to that because progress, when recognized by oneself can be a very powerful and moving force in life. The challenge is, that sometimes we fail to recognize progress when it comes in small amounts, and it is easy to get discouraged when you're not getting better. You may remember as a white belt you can put in a little bit of effort, and you get quite a bit better rather quickly. However, as a black belt, it takes an enormous amount of effort just to make the smallest amount of progress, so it requires discipline and logic to make the connection. Continue to recognize even the smallest progress because moving forward, especially during times when you are plateauing can be the difference between success and failure.

Again, congratulations to those that happened to win a prize but more importantly congratulations to everybody that received any number of tickets. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, and we are especially proud because of your participation.

Continue your path toward black belt excellence!

Sensei Chris

Luke Rosario, Shravya Gupta, Matteo Aguila
Warrior Buddies
Sawyer Ouellett, Charlsie Foxon,Ella Keermaa, Milan Dolibic
Escrima Sticks
Eddie Allen, Myles Wendt
Kamal Yehia, Chimdi Kanu, Jordan Bautista, Dayton Bottenfield
Harspreet Singh, Zachary Valente, Jonah Stewart
Lil Monkeys Pass
Hudson Corner, Kelan Martin
Flying Squirrel Jump Pass
Yaseen Kisswani, Ranen Thomas
Family Bowling Night
Petra Baljak
Bulldogs Home Opener Tickets
Kaden Marquardt