The FCMA Rule

This month, First Choice Martial Arts students are challenged to exercise their self discipline by following the FCMA Rule. This rule incorporates one of the most important character traits we as parents, teachers and instructors try so hard to develop in our kids and students. Self discipline.

When we explain self-discipline to our students, we tell them it is the ability to do things without being told. No mom or dad reminders but you are reminding yourself. Class after class we speak about this all the time and when a parent asks a child to do some something it is great if they can do it; but it is even better if they can do it before being asked. By developing this important skill, it will take us a lot further in our martial arts training and create the discipline needed to succeed and thrive in today’s environment.

This month’s task is going to be incorporated with our Zoom Attendance Challenge. As students continue to earn tickets for good attendance, and we get closer to the draw at the end of the month, we would like to extend the opportunity for you to earn a few extra tickets and improve your chances of winning some of the cool prizes. On the link provided you can download the FCMA Rule worksheet and begin to track your tasks for the rest of the month.

You are not limited to only five tasks, so obviously the more tasks you do the more tickets you can earn and you better your chances of winning.

We look forward to this April Challenge with two weeks left in the month and hope you are willing to take it on as a driven martial artist. Perhaps you will not only impress your parents, but you may even impress yourself.

Good luck!


Sensei Chris