The Back to School Mindset is here EARLY at First Choice Martial Arts!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed a major attitude shift in the classroom and online for all our First Choice Martial Arts students. As Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, and other communities gear up for back to classroom learning it seems like our students have take a step forward a little early.

Something happened a few weeks ago. Whether it was our Phase 2 or 3 transition or Belt Testing it appears that everyone is more engaged and eager to learn. Even last night during Zoom, students were pushing themselves 100% virtually during the entire lesson. Think about that, it is summer, it is hot, you are at home and here we have a 7-year-old going online to Zoom, logging in and giving their all. I know of one student that is a Little Dragon that sets up the lesson all by himself and works as hard as he can with no parent having to watch over him, WOW!

It did not just happen virtually either. Whether a student attended an Indoor or Outdoor class this past week we consistently saw extra effort, enthusiasm, and drive during the lesson. No having to remind kids to answer “yes sir” or “no sir” it was all business for them this past week!

What does this mean for the school year? Well my guess is these kids are going to hit the ground running. No having to continue to remind them of what the rules are, or how they need to try their best because these students are already doing it.  It is obvious these individuals are destined for success and are going to have a great year!

Recently I spoke to our students about presence and what it means when you show up. Being a role model and present can mean you impact those around you in a positive way. Just like in the karate dojo, as of late, kids have increased their energy, focus, drive, and respect. This has shifted the school in a positive direction as we cope with all these new norms, and as a result made for a better learning environment. When these students return to school in a few weeks they will continue to bring these attributes into their school classrooms and make it a better place because of their presence!

I want to commend every student on the hard work you have displayed. Furthermore, I also want to thank you for continuing to make First Choice Martial Arts a place where students and families can continue to thrive and succeed in a healthy and positive way.

Sensei Chris