The 4Ds of Organization

With September here and back to school on the horizon we hope this year will be better than the previous. Having said that we are all limited for time, so we thought we would put together some useful tips that might give you a little bit more this year.

As a parent, I always thought I would have a little bit more time on my hands when they got older, however it has only changed to doing different activities and commitments at different stages. Parenting is an enormous responsibility, and some parents have a way of making it look easier than others. Having a little bit of extra time whether it be at the beginning, middle or end of the day might make all the difference in accomplishing this year’s goals. I’m sure most of you do these simple reminders on a regular basis but if it’s a good reminder and it helps then we are happy you took the time to read this.

1. Do. The power of now is a great tool when a task, challenge or problem arises. Dealing with things in real-time takes out a lot of the thinking time and it inevitably saves you that precious resource. Sometimes little things pop up and it is easy to deal with them right away then putting them off. If it is a bigger challenge and it needs some thinking and or problem-solving time, then certainly delaying might be prudent. However, if it can get off your plate sooner than later than this is a great first step in getting things moving in the right direction.

2. Delete. How many times does somebody try to rope you into something that isn’t your task and/or responsibility? I’m sure many of us have coworkers that will carbon copy us on every little detail of their day. If you need to be a part of it then do so, but if it’s just eating up your time feel free to send it to the trash bin. Whether that trash bin be your email, or you having to say no face to face, take the time to evaluate whether you need to be part of this solution and if the answer is no move on.

3. Date stamp. If you can’t deal with it right now but it needs to be done later then prioritize. If something comes up that is going to take a little bit more time and commitment you may need to look at your calendar and set time aside time for when you can focus 100% on the task at hand. There are things that you need to do daily that have to be done and there are things that can be delayed. If it’s important attach a time to it, set a reminder, be accountable and follow through.

4. Delegate. Trying to manage two things at once is tricky but if you can double your output with the help of others then you can double your efforts. Maybe one of the kids needs to help you out with some of those chores around the house. It is important to not let our pride get in the way and realize that we do have family team members that are truly capable of pitching in for the greater good. Sure, it might take a little bit of time on teaching how to do the task but with a little bit of coaching you may be able to free up some much-needed time. If it’s for the greater good and it teaches a good work ethic, for your children, then why not involve those that are committed to the same goals of the family. We often have no problem delegating at work, because we know it we can do more, so why not do it in our personal and family life as well.

One thing that I notice is every September kids and parents improve their endurance with the juggling act of life via practise. That first week of back to school can sometimes be a real test as kids will go to school, activities and feel tired. Parents too will feel the brunt after a full week of lunches, driving, getting to work, and organizing. It is easy to think how I will I pull this off all year long? After about a week or two it becomes routine, and it all just starts to come together. Just watch and you will see your kids and your endurance improve with a little bit of structure, routine, and organization. If the 4 Ds can help get you there a little sooner than later than we wish you luck on this back-to-school season and hope you get started now.

“Do it now. Sometimes later becomes never.”

Sensei Chris