The 3 C's

Although martial arts provide numerous benefits it is easy to lump three of the rather important ones into the 3 C's. When a student begins training at First Choice Martial Arts we discuss this in their very first intro lesson as it gives them the building blocks and foundation to become successful students within our school.

Confidence. Everything in life requires confidence to succeed. You can't get full results with half-only measures, and we teach the lessons of giving your all no matter how hard it might be. By starting slow and being disciplined with repetitions students slowly build their confidence with the lesson material being taught. Although it can be a little challenging for those new students starting out a little shy and quiet it is remarkable to see them only a few weeks later yelling out their 10 counts in the class. Life can be tough but it's always a little nicer when you have some confidence in your back pocket!

Concentration. The ability to block out distractions requires superior concentration and mental toughness. This is a skill like any other where you must mentally discipline yourself to stay focused on the task at hand. It's easy to get distracted when you are tired, parents are watching, or you do your class after a long day but putting all of that aside and being able to focus on what you were doing allows for greater success. We have limited time in everything we do and being able to put aside those distractions and give your time your best undivided attention is a great skill to master in the martial arts.

Control. There are going to be times in life when things don't go your way and people are always not that nice. Using logic and controlling your emotions is an important skill to have. There are going to be times when we don't agree with others, we don't get our way and it is then when we need to have the control to be able to decide what is our next step. Looking at it from a logical angle will allow you to set the emotions aside and give us that much-needed motivation to move forward even when things seem bleak. Control in martial arts isn't just about kicking and punching and controlling your technique it's a life skill like any other.

So, with back-to-school coming up in a couple of weeks, we wish you continued success with your training and upcoming school year. With a little confidence, concentration, and control I’m sure there is nothing you can’t achieve.

Remember, confidence fuels your abilities, concentration sharpens your focus and control steers you toward success!

Sensei Chris