Thank You Mom

With another Mother’s Day passing, it was amazing to see how many students took the time to write out their Mother's Day essays. The messages of kindness and gratefulness were overwhelming, and it is super evident that students at First Choice Martial Arts, are some of the most respectful and gracious kids on the planet!

With that said there were some obvious messages of my mom buying me stuff and my mom giving me food however there were also a lot of messages of selflessness and how mom puts everyone else first. This caught my eye, and it was great to see that kids do recognize great role models and it is apparent that we truly have amazing families at FCMA.

One student stood out in my mind as this student could not fit all the wonderful things, she had to say about her mom on just one page. It was as if she took the template from the karate website and shrunk the font so she could squeeze in as many wonderful things as possible. After reading this essay line by line it was obvious that this student had such good things to say but what was more interesting is that the kind things, she had to say are often the same things we as instructors had to say about her. She is obviously a true reflection of her upbringing and her parents have left a positive impression that is impacting things outside of her household.

So once again I want to congratulate you on a job well done but more importantly on the recognition you gave. Keep up the great effort, stay humble, and continue to succeed in all that you do.

Sensei Chris