Summer Fest Fun

We are excited to begin Summer Fest at First Choice Martial Arts this week and throughout Summer 2024. If you're not familiar with the concept, what will happen is each week throughout the summer we will be focusing on various curriculums from weapons training to various Black Belt combos for our students followed by weekly draws for some cool prizes. Summerfest is a great motivation for students with the extra time on their hands as it is an opportunity to excel.

It is amazing to see students who continue to strive and make the most of their time with the lack of routine, as it puts them in a great spot when the return to school kicks in during September. When you witness kids engaged for the past 10 months of school and used to a certain routine, the summer can throw them for a loop and derail even the most disciplined child. Fortunately, we want to reward that discipline and see you further grow as a martial artist when you look back at all you accomplished in the Summer of 2024. 

FCMA will award tickets to students, that will go into a summer ballot box, and the more tickets you earn the greater your chances of winning the summer fest prizes. Students will earn tickets from attendance, effort, superior attitude, and giving 100%. With that said we will continue to work on our regular curriculum so as not to take our eyes off the September graduation, which is scheduled for September 21st.

So, let’s continue to set the bar high and never lower our expectations or goals no matter what! When you think about how far you have come, use this as an opportunity to feel confident and focus on where you are going, and don’t let doubt or fear creep in.

Remember you can’t go forward looking in the rear-view mirror!

Sensei Chris