Stay Committed this Holiday Season!

After a series of holidays and events like Thanksgiving, Halloween and Fall-Back Sunday, it seems like our schedules continue to get disrupted and off track. In a perfect world everything would fall into place; traffic would never be an issue and unexpected events wouldn’t disrupt the norm. However, the way most of us live is fast paced and it is likely we will always face distractions like these and more. What matters most is the ability to function in a chaotic world and continue to move towards and past your goals.

Picture a martial artist in the middle of a sparring match. If they stand still, they get beat, if they act too defensive, they get beat, too aggressive they lose and on and on and on. So, what is one supposed to do? Strategic planning is usually the best course of action and in the middle of a battle it all comes down to your innate ability to execute. If you went into the match unprepared with the wrong game plan you will likely be defeated. So, an accomplished martial artist might run through all the various scenarios and plan strategies and use tactics that work will work in different situations. Add in some intensive training and you will be better off when it comes match time. The point is action is and always will be better than inaction.

As for life it is no different and we must be just as prepared if we plan on Karate Hamilton, Martial Arts Hamilton, Karate Ancaster, First Choice Martial Arts, Martial Arts Ancaster, Karate Stoney Creek, Martial Arts Stoney Creek, Karate Caledonia, Martial Arts Caledonia, Fitness, Kids Fitness, Kids Birthday Parties,succeeding. If you know traffic gets busier at this time of year and you plan on going to class tomorrow, you might organize the night before and have your stuff in the car and ready to go. If you are hoping to get home on time it just might not happen.

Caught in a high-pressure deadline? Perhaps it is time to turn off the social media and Netflix or skip that lunch and power through until you get it done. Action, action more action.

Have a slew of holiday parties coming up this weekend and the kids are going to be up late every night? Well maybe it is time to get that homework and chores done on Friday at 4:00pm so you are better off prepared for the weekend.

The real secret is there is no secret it is just hard work, being organized and the ability to act. So, if you recently set out in September to achieve some new goals and you are still stuck perhaps it is time to get organized and do something about it. There is still time and there is no better time than the present!

If you were to write down your New Years resolution today and on Jan 1 you could strike them off your list because they are already done wouldn’t that be a great feeling? I think so!

Continue to strive towards Black Belt Excellence!