Big Journeys Begin with Small Steps

This past January First Choice Martial Arts had an attendance challenge to further motivate our awesome students. The goal of this challenge was to incentivize students attending class during our Virtual training sessions. Students received a ballot for each class they attended, beginning Jan 2nd, and at the end of the month we would draw a prize for some lucky students. Obviously the more you attended class the higher your chance of winning at months end.

On Monday we held the draw and announced the winners of the challenge via Facebook Live and decided that we would begin another challenge for the month of February called the Effort Challenge.  This challenge is aimed at rewarding students for performing to best of their abilities and using all their potential. As we geared up for this next challenge, I noticed something very interesting when we reviewed the attendance for the month of January. Class attendance had exploded, and we were at a 93% + attendance rate with all our students for the past several weeks. Not only were students attending class more frequently we had some students attending the Virtual classes 5 times a week plus. Two students, Luke and Lance particularly stood out as they did 30 classes in a row without missing a single session for the month of January. Wow!

Now I am sure all our highflyers as well as the boys had a greater chance of winning the prizes but unfortunately, they were not successful. However, there is a greater prize at stake that has now propelled them to the next level that is a directly related to their outstanding commitment.  All that time, energy and effort has led them to greater progress in their martial arts training and further refinement of their technique.  I am sure they were a little disappointed about not winning however the benefits they reaped are so much greater than any prize we could ever offer these students.

Sometimes when you are trying to work towards a goal, and you fall short there are a lot of little things along the way that you can miss if you are not paying attention. Progress and achievement sometimes do not work in tandem together and sometimes you will be working towards your achievement, fall short and be disappointed. However, if you really take a step back you will find that your time was well spent, and you are that much closer to your goal than you originally thought.

As February kicks into high gear, we are excited to see the effort level kicked up a notch. Sure, it is possible you may not hear your name called at months end but if you put forth as much effort as you possibly can the hidden prize will be much greater. As well this momentum is only going to make things better for you as it carries you to that next level on your journey towards black belt excellence.

Sensei Chris