What is Slump-a-titis?

The First Choice Martial Arts dictionary defines Slump-a-titis as a condition where seemingly normal children become a little bit lazier with school, chores, and activities during the onset of spring and summer.

Every year during the time when the weather begins to change for the better, attitudes typically shift in a positive direction. However, from time to time we can see the opposite happen as kids start to see their friends playing outside in the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood. At First Choice Martial Arts we call this condition Slump-a-titis. Defined in layman terms, kids feel like they might miss out if they leave the house for five minutes and as a result are a little more resistant when asked to do their schoolwork, chores or attend their activities.

As a parent being aware of the changes in seasons and the affect on attitude can be useful information as we try to prevent or mitigate any negative energy. Understanding that it is par for the course can give us the ammunition we need to fight off our children becoming lazier as you try to pull them away from their screens. Pulling back is usually not the best option as it only further escalates in nature; but watching your child succeed and improve is an empowering experience that we should seek again and again. As a parent when we hit these speed bumps in the road it is important to look for ways to not further enhance the problem. The encouraging part is if treated quickly, Slump-a-titis, can go as fast as it came!

A simple suggestion might be creating a regular routine so kids can predict their weekly duties, activities, and chores. Perhaps when a child puts up a little bit of fuss about doing some whether it be extra homework or chores it may be time to get down in their level and work with them to get going. Showing you are invested helps keep them invested and inspires them every step of the way. I am sure every little dragon would love to practice that new self-defense on their parents as well as score a soccer goal with mom or dad in net. Being part of it builds gives them the building blocks of self-esteem and only further re-enforces the positive behaviour.

Hopefully, most of us have experienced the other shift in attitude and things are only getting better and better as we work through COVID-19 and see brighter days ahead. But if you happen to be one of the few that may be experiencing some symptoms of some Slump-a-titis realize that sometimes awareness can be curative. Knowing what the problem or issue is, is usually the first step in the right direction and we are always eager to help every student at our school succeed well beyond the martial arts floor.

Always remember “Hesitation can kill a good story. Momentum is everything.”

Sensei Chris