Septembers are for Fresh Starts

Being mentally tough is a skillset like any that takes repetitive practise daily. It is easy to seem disciplined when things are going well and everything is in order, but it is a whole different game when things come up that break that momentum.

Take the summer for instance, if you are like most you may find it a little challenging to get that daily workout in when the kids are home and vacation time kicks in. This is that 1 step forward, 1 step backwards pattern that is ultimately a guide to failure if you get caught in that trap. Failure doesn’t have to be some big defined event, but it can be a perfectly capable, disciplined, and motivated person falling short of their true potential.

We see this from time to time in karate when a highly successful karate student does so well during the school year only to have it impacted by the casualness of the summer. This happens usually for one reason and that is attendance and not being accountable to make up those missed classes. If they just put a little bit of pressure on themselves and used some discipline, they would find they would be right back to that feeling of unstoppable confidence in the dojo.

The great news is all it takes is one event, one class, one comment, one revelation and one idea to change your thinking and get back to that feeling of higher confidence. This is a constant in life that will make for great things to those that feel and operate this way, which is why we are so focused on developing the true potential in all our students. We love to watch students succeed, because when they succeed, we do too.

Now that we are in the middle of August it appears kids and parents are starting to get back into that much needed routine of success. This past Saturday and Sunday it was clear when kids were bringing greater energy to the dojo that they had in weeks prior. This is a great mental shift, and it looks like it couldn’t have come at a better time.

With that in mind lets conquer these last few weeks of summer and work towards greater progress as we target that next belt achievement this September.

Remember, goals we set are goals we get!

Sensei Chris