Screen Free Weekend

For the month of November First Choice Martial Arts is challenging its students to a screen-free weekend. This STARS challenge that we run, once yearly, is a parent favorite and can test even the most patient students. Given the way we use electronics to function in society today, you might find this challenge a little trickier than you originally thought.

For the month of November to earn your blue star students are challenged to go one-weekend screen-free. This means as of Friday after school until Monday morning students are not permitted to use TV, IPads, phones, video games, movies, and the Internet for the entire weekend. Instead, students are encouraged to get outside and enjoy the outdoors and pick up on some new hobbies, chores, or challenges. Furthermore, we would encourage you to notice how you feel at the end of the challenge and if you really missed your electronics that much. Of course, if you have an emergency or need to take an important call to communicate it's OK as we are talking about filling downtime with screen time.

Due to the nature of this challenge we wanted to give you advance notice so that you can prepare and pick your weekend wisely. Furthermore, it would be a good idea to plan ahead and start thinking about how you are going to fill your extra time so that it doesn’t go to waste. It would be a shame to have all this extra time and not be able to do something with it. We are confident you will find a way to make the best of the weekend and we look forward to seeing what you come back with.

Good luck and always remember time is precious so spend it wisely.

Sensei Chris