Saturday Morning Success

It’s Saturday morning and it’s 9:30 in the morning and the Little Dragons class is hopping with energy. These kids have wakened early, had breakfast, got ready, and are on the floor with enthusiasm after a long week of school. What a way to start a Saturday morning!

It would’ve been easy for parents to sleep in and use this Saturday as a day off but instead, they have decided to use this time to hear the messages of discipline and respect through martial arts training at the dojo. Parents are chatting in the lobby and the parking lot is jamming but it is obvious days like this are creating long-lasting memories for many years to come.

Sensei Ryan has just finished his mat chat about the importance of effort and every 4-6-year-old is intently listening and has responded with a resounding yes sir, acknowledging their understanding of the message. They came to class this morning and were looking for fun with their kicks and punches but have just sat through a valuable portion of the lesson and are experiencing the power of martial arts. The correlation between kick and punch and the message of control, concentration, and confidence is impacting them this morning in the most powerful way and will hopefully have a lasting impact way beyond the realm of the dojo.

Now as class wraps up you can see every child is smiling with enthusiasm. It looks like this gloomy, dark Saturday is not going to affect the rest of the day for these students and parents who made the trip so early to FCMA.

One last conversation in the lobby as a parent crosses paths with another who is coming in for the next class. They put 2 and 2 together and now realize they are attending the same karate school, and it makes for one more positive interaction to start the day at 10:00 a.m.

You have to love weekends at the dojo!

Sensei Chris