Reaching Peaks, After Graduation

This past Saturday, First Choice Martial Arts hosted our June Graduation and what we saw were some amazing performances from our Tiny Tigers, Little Dragons, Teens, and White to Black Belt Students. We also got to witness some of our newest Black Belts take their first bow as a new rank in front of the high-energy and supportive crowd.

What really stood out to me was the smile on the kids’ faces when they were done performing in front of a large audience. It takes a lot to perform in front of a large group; when you can get through it, it really boosts one’s self-esteem. Even the Tigers at age 3 years old had the courage to perform with 100s of people watching and didn’t bat an eye.

At one point, we did the Father’s Day Essay draw and pulled Anthony’s essay out for the winning prize. When he came up to collect, I put the microphone in front of him and asked him, why is your dad the best? Unscripted in a 5-word response, he answered quietly, because he gave me life. The audience you could see was moved and his parents were moved with emotion. The fact that a 7yrs old had the wisdom and gratitude to answer the way he did is a true testament to the amazing family values that our FCMA students come from.

So, at this point, I’d again like to congratulate you on the hard work you have put in and although it was great to celebrate it is time to hit the ground running as we work towards that next mountain peak. The summer is going to be one of the most exciting summers ever at FCMA, from our weekly weapons curriculum, camps, summer fest draws, and theme days that we can’t wait to see our students have a winning edge when it is time to return to school in September. You’ve earned it but now it is time to refocus and rethink how you can hit that next peak.

Congratulations and remember, the hardest mountain to climb is the one within.

Sensei Chris