Quit Waiting for Everything to Be Perfect

This past August and October, First Choice Martial Arts ran four Black belt exams for the students that were committed during the pandemic. Although things had to be adjusted a bit, such as bag work being substituted for sparring, masks being worn, spectators limited, and contact being eliminated, over 20 students succeeded and reached their goal of becoming a Black Belt. What was particularly impressive was the willingness and drive each of these students displayed as well as their refusal to give up regardless of their circumstance. This has become a major event in their lives and how it will affect them going forward is yet to be seen, but I am sure it will have profound and positive impact on them for many years to come.

These were all necessary steps to ensure the safety of the participants, instructors, and spectators during the grading. Although this was not the typical process for our black belt testing it was a necessity for our students to see their goals become a reality. It could have been a lot easier to go with a wait and see approach but with the unknown it would be hard to predict the perfect timing. We even had one grading that was forced to wear masks when the bylaw changed without notice. Although this was a minor hiccup it did not stop the progress of our students.

One thing the pandemic has taught us is there is never a perfect opportunity to act. Whether the goal is to get fit, get focused or get disciplined timing will never co-operate, especially during a pandemic! Sure, we can wait for the perfect circumstance to exercise or work towards that new goal but inevitably we are delaying the progress that we could make by sitting idol. The mindset of analysis paralysis has forced many to delay progress as the world passes them by. Change is inevitable and many of us have had to rethink how we do our work, school, fitness, and other things in our lives

Martial arts are about self-improvement and at First Choice Martial Arts we are committed to seeing each student succeed and reach their goal of becoming a Black Belt. The students that participated in the fall Black Belt tests showed tremendous commitment and a discipline that was inspirational. These new Black Belts are a true example of what character is all about and are going to make great role models at First Choice Martial Arts as they impact those students around them in a positive way.

With the holiday break and recent lockdown, it is easy to take a pause and wait for the perfect time to re-commit to our goals. But with New Year’s come new opportunities and this 2021 is certainly going to be an opportunity for many of us to do better and achieve something great this year. The one commodity that we all share that is equal is time, and what better time than now to do what is needed to become a stronger and better person. We are really excited to see what this new year brings and how our upcoming belt exams will be a positive event in a not so positive time.

So now, when it is time to come to class, we ask that you take it as seriously as possible. Classes will resume virtually, January 2 and the schedule is now online for you to begin making your schedule. We ask that you come to class prepared with your uniform and belt as well as be on time so that you can get the most out of each session. Belt testing is around the corner and it would be a shame to work this hard and get this far to let it slip because of an extended break.

We look forward to resume training and our instructors are excited to see you guys in action. You will also notice that there are classes every day of the week for zoom so we can hit the ground running as we target our belt exams later this month.

Again, I want to commend each student for working so hard this past year and we are excited about the opportunities and progress that you will have this coming year!

Dedicated to your achievements,

Sensei Chris