4 Ways to Power in Karate and Life

In physics, power is the amount of energy transferred or converted per unit of time. Sometimes power is also referred to as an activity or output and in martial arts we often equate it with force. Although we see the importance of power in our karate techniques it is not to hard to find a parallel between martial arts power and the power of life.

Developing power is a skill like anything else and there are four essential things that you must do to get the most out of your martial arts technique when developing power. Think of these things when you train and look for ways to augment power into moving your success pendulum forward.

  1. Speed. Moving quickly can increase your force or output whether it be martial arts, an activity, or a task at hand. If you move slowly a lot of energy is wasted and spread out over a longer period that could’ve been compacted into a shorter burst. This wasteful expenditure will only reduce the power in your kicks and punches. When we think of opportunities in life, sometimes they require speed of action and if you overthink your decision you might just miss out on a great chance to better yourself.
  1. Rotation. Just like in life you cannot almost commit; you must fully commit. When you are throwing a punch, kick or block you have to commit to the technique by getting further range of motion during its execution. This will lead to greater power as your technique gets faster towards the end of its’ motion. Most people fail to execute and when they do, they only commit part way. This becomes frustrating and they never get the power of momentum on their side. If you are going to commit go all the way!
  1. Back up body mass. If you do not put any weight behind your technique, it is not going to be very strong and the force is going to be less. Find a way to put your weight behind your technique so that you can generate greater force and maximize the power within your body. In life putting your weight behind something might require using all the resources that you have available to you. If you only use a few of the tools in your life you really are limiting your potential in what you can do. With the Internet, YouTube and endless Apps there are plenty of tools available to you. All you need to do is look ahead and put your weight behind you, your greatest resource, as you tackle your next goal.
  1. Technique. Techniques that are sloppy or inefficient in movement are going to generate less power as they not hit their target cleanly. The fastest way of travel is in a straight line and most of the techniques in the martial arts are executed better when done in a straight line. Even a circular technique has a certain line pattern that must be followed for it to generate its maximum power. Why reinvent the wheel when you do not have to? If you want to become fit, you need to study fitness. Looks for ways to find those that are doing what you want to do and use them as a role model as you straight line your way to success with better technique.

You may have heard knowledge is power, but if you fail to use it, it won't help you. Knowledge is potential power and taking action is the most important step.

Good Luck!

Sensei Chris