Passion Changes Everything

When it comes to passion some people have an amazing ability to stay focused, be determined and keep it going regardless of circumstance. If you’re like most people, you’ll find that passion can come quickly and go just as fast.  Here are five tips that might help you keep that passion going when you begin to question yourself.

1. Know yourself. If you know you’re the type of person that is highly motivated a little more in the evening or in the morning, then that is good information to have. Being able to tell when you’re at your best will allow you to schedule some of your most difficult tasks during these time frames. Why fight momentum when you can use it as leverage to propel you forward?

2. Have a strong inner circle. If the four or five people that you depend on most are bringing you down, then perhaps you need to revaluate some of your working relationships. Coworkers and friends can have a huge impact on motivation and if it is a positive then it is a win-win situation. Negative energy can suck the life out of any room and surely extinguish your passion in a heartbeat. Try to find people that lift you up and move you closer to your goals. Aligning yourself with people that have common interests will make your passion grow.

3. Control your fears. Self-doubt can stall your progress and discourage you from accomplishing those bigger goals. If you know how you are likely to react ahead of time you may be able to control that self sabotage before it derails, your achievements. Fear is normal but how we respond to it is often the determining factor in success.

4. Build some skills. If you’re looking to move forward perhaps it is time to pick up a new skill. With YouTube, the Internet and Google it is easier than ever to learn something that we couldn’t before. The only thing stopping you is you but if you find that spark and are willing to dedicate some time you will find it is easy to do. Having a new skill builds confidence, and it is a great way to reignite your passion.

5. See past now. Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve you must look at the bigger picture. Put aside your immediate pain whether it be the workload, the effort, or the time; if the goal is big enough then it will be worth it. You must find ways to constantly remind yourself of the bigger picture while you’re doing what you’re doing and not steer off your course. If you become focussed on the bigger picture a lot of the day-to-day tasks and routines will become automatic and will require little or no effort. Furthermore, you will enjoy the time and effort spent as you work toward something really big!

Although I’m sure there are a few other ideas that could be added to this list we are excited to see what the spring brings for our future black belts. First Choice Martial Arts is so excited to see a little bit of normalcy coming back to our karate classes and we look forward to what the coming months will bring.

Fuel your Passion!

Sensei Chris