One Movement Can Change Your Attitude

It’s a Monday and after a busy weekend, a couple of Dragons have come into the class a little more nervous than usual. What’s odd about this is these same kids have never seemed to show any sign of anxiousness and it looks like the tiredness is affecting them after a long weekend and a long day at school.

As class starts it appears that things are not going well so Sensei Rupert takes an approach and gives a smile and a couple of high fives and what do you know a smile emerges. As the Dragon’s body posture changes you can see they have warmed up to the idea of getting back on the floor enthusiastically. What was once bothering them and preventing them from doing their best is now in the past and it seems like it is going to be a great class.

Anthony Robbins says Emotion is created by Motion and it’s true that if you move your body in an unenergetic way it is going to affect your mindset. Likewise, if you want to create a positive energy you need to get moving to be at your best. As adults, it’s always the workout, walk, run, or class that you don’t want to do that will change your day for the greater good once you get moving. Sometimes you can’t just jump in so you might ease in with a stretch or walk and that might be just enough to see you augment that to a 30-minute invigorating workout.

The point is you need to move first and get going to feel better and kids are no different. So, the next time your child is a little low on the energy perhaps hit the pavement get moving, and do something to change the way they are using their body. With a little motion, it is likely going to change their mood for the better and get them in a good spot before the next class.

And in case I forgot to mention, the only bad class is the one you didn’t do!

Sensei Chris