Once a Karate Student, Always a Karate Student

This past week we were sitting down with the Little Dragons, and we discussed what it meant to be a karate student and the responsibilities that come with it. Sensei Sasha, Sage, and, Tyler were on the floor and I put it out to them in the form of a question, “Do you think that the Instructors are only Black Belts when they come to karate or are they Black Belts all of the time?” The Dragons replied unanimously “All the time!”

I then followed up with another question, “If Black Belts are Black Belts all of the time are Karate students also Karate students all of the time?” You could see them thinking but without hesitation, they replied “Yes Sir!”

What this means is it would be very peculiar to see a Little Dragon giving 100% effort in the Dojo and not giving 100% at school. It would also be very odd to see them focused and respectful in the karate class only to see them as disrespectful and unfocused outside the karate class. You could tell the message was setting in and they understood that working hard, being focused, and being polite is not a part-time job when it comes to being a student.

So the next time you see your Little Dragon child not giving their best remind them about what it means to be a karate student. Pre-framing them and giving them a perspective, they may not have considered might be the solution to better effort and behaviour.

And if that doesn’t work, just tell them……Once a Karate Student, Always a Karate Student!

Sensei Chris