Nothing is Impossible, the Word Itself Says I’m Possible

This past Monday, First Choice Martial Arts conducted it’s Junior Black Belt testing. The exam began at 6:30 PM and went till around 8:30 PM that night. At the end of the exam, 10 students were successfully promoted to the rank of Black Belt

During the past few months, these students were diligent in their training and never took their eye off the goal. Although at times the exam may have seemed overwhelming, and I’m sure some students may have questioned their readiness, they ultimately got through it by staying focused and crossing the finish line.

At the end of the test when we were doing the belt presentation each student was called up to receive their Black Belts one at a time. In this moment you could see tears of joy as the reality set in about their recent success. The expressions on their faces, truly showed how proud they were in that moment, and you could see the realization that effort and determination were the product of this magical moment.

At this point I decided to speak about the idea of possibilities and what it meant to these students over the past many years of training. You could see these students believed in the notion of possibility and it was what had steered them in this direction over these past several years. Whether it was conflicting schedules, virtual karate classes or any other potential excuse one could have, these students had found a way to stay committed to their goal. Furthermore 7 out of the 10 students that tested began their training in the Little Dragons program. To me this meant that they have basically spent their entire life at FCMA and have been part of the lessons and teachings of karate. This is all they knew, and you could see they proved it on that night.

So, with another Black Belt exam in the books, it appears we have some new invigorated students that are going to take their training to that next level. We are super proud of your accomplishments, and we are excited to see you thrive as a new Black Belt and continue your journey towards Black Belt Excellence.

Nothing is Impossible, the Word Itself Says I’m Possible

Sensei Chris