Monday Motvation

For some Mondays can be the toughest day of the week to get going and find that much-needed motivation for your work and your life. For others, it may just be another day or opportunity to work towards the goals one has set out to achieve. People that love Mondays versus hate Mondays usually have two very different perspectives on what the day means to them.

If I look at some of the kids that get out to class on Sundays, I will often see them again on Mondays, the very next day, in class. This got me thinking about the correlation between the Sunday and Monday mindset and how the previous day can fuel the next day for some. Some, look at the progress they achieved a day earlier and are motivated to make it happen again and again. For others, they may use the day earlier as a nothing/chill-out day and it gets to the point where Monday becomes that dreaded first day of the week.

Motivation is a funny thing as it can come and go easily in the blink of an eye. The great thing is it can come back just as quickly as it went out which is useful to know. To know is to have power and that power can wield great leverage in the way you shape the beginning of your week and how it will progress from there on out. The term motivation is derived from the Latin word movere, meaning to move. Motivation is a combination of motive and action thus it is your purpose that will sustain the drive you need to become a top-notch Black Belt in the Dojo and in life.

Although you may not be a karate student, you may be a karate parent so is important to understand what your motive is for your children at karate. If it is just to have some fun and experience activity at the dojo, you may be setting up a different mindset for your future child’s Black Belt. If, however, your goal is to see your child develop the necessary life skills to succeed in life and the Dojo then your outcome will be completely different.

So, with that being said let’s take this beautiful Monday as an opportunity to do more than yesterday and see to it that we are using our purpose to guide us to better things. If we can instill a little extra motivation every Monday going forward it will be interesting to see how our lives and children’s lives unfold in the weeks to come.

Stop waiting for Friday and be awesome today.

Happy Monday!

Sensei Chris