March into Motivation this March Break

Well, it’s been a couple of nice days followed by a dull Wednesday and we are hoping that kids don’t get too many more ups and downs before the March Break. At this time of year, it can be a real challenge when the weather affects attitudes in both a positive and a negative way. Ups and downs make for unpredictability and for some kids that can be a real problem if they tend to thrive in an environment that is both structured and predictable.

As a parent being aware of the changes in seasons and the effect on attitude can be useful information as we try to prevent or mitigate any negative energy. Understanding that it is par for the course can give you the ammunition you might need to fight off any change in attitude for the negative before it becomes a new habit. When you realize a blip in motivation might have more to do with a child being tired, cooped up, or unrested it is easier to navigate how you might handle that situation.

I’m sure most families are looking to enjoy next week’s March Break and if you are away, we wish you an amazing holiday. However, if you are in the area we want to remind you that classes are still running, and it is prudent that students stay focused on training as belt testing is nearing. With March 23rd around the corner now is the time to make up for any lost ground this past winter and make that goal become a reality.

So, fingers crossed we get some extra nice weather and when you look at next week’s forecast always remember, that hesitation can kill a good story but momentum is everything!

Sensei Chris