Leaves Fall, Growth Begins Again

With another awesome graduation in the books, students at First Choice Martial Arts are now beginning new curriculum cycles as the Fall season arrives. What this means is curriculum will now be taught in three phases, which are learning, perfection, and performance.

It's easy after coming off a testing cycle to be 100% focused on perfection early on and get caught up in every little detail of the form. Although this is a great mindset and will make for a detail-oriented student it can often delay progress as students get stuck on some of the smallest details before moving forward. Getting started and moving forward is always a good idea and even though it might not be a work of art at the beginning it is a necessary step in achieving that goal.

As Black Belts, we look for perfection in almost everything we do, and it is this mindset that often is our greatest asset but can also be our greatest weakness. When you're used to doing something well it can be a hard pill to swallow when you struggle with the new curriculum. So, let's keep the movement going forward as we work towards our October stripe test with an understanding that we just want to be able to get through our routines. If you're still thinking about it, a little shaky or unsure that's OK as it is the first important step in the learning process. We recognize the discipline that you are showing and want you to know that come another couple of months you will be in a much better position when it comes to execution.

With the Fall season upon us, Karate success is like the changing leaves – it requires patience, dedication, and the ability to adapt to every challenge that comes your way. Remember, leaves shed in the fall to let go of what no longer serves the tree and make room for new growth and possibilities.

What can you shed and let go of to foster new growth?

Sensei Chris