Kickstarting Confidence

This past Sunday, the Intermediate students were in full effect and showed the characteristics of being a karate student in a big way. After performing a form many times over, they applied the concept of finding something new in something old.

After numerous repetitions, it was time to ask, if they could do it a little differently and give more even though they had just given what seemed to be their best efforts. After a brief pause, they let that set in and you could see their mindsets shift as well as their facial expression become a little more serious as they took to the floor one more time.

When it looked like time to perform the instructor yelled the command of sound off and you could see each student drop down in a low horse stance and emphatically yell “First Choice Martial Arts.” The three Cs were in effect, and you could see that it would be a better class going forward from just that brief reset.

Confidence. As a martial artist, it's not only important to apply the power to your technique but to believe in what you are doing. This comes from within, however, it's what you say in your head that can make all the difference. When these students performed that form yet another time, they had put that message in their heads prior that they were going to do it better and stand out. By just forcing a thought they were able to deliver with more confidence.

Control. It's one thing to be strong but it's another thing to harness that energy in a controlled manner. Swinging for the fences without precision is not going to get you a home run nor is it going to help you execute to the best of your ability. Students took the message to heart, and they delivered cleaner and crisper forms on their last set.

Concentration. The ability to block out distractions and focus on the task at hand will lead anyone to a better result. You could see the students were tired, but they didn't let the fatigue affect their mental acuity as they maintained that impeccable focus and were able to deliver better results than previously.

So, for some, it was just a regular Sunday but for these students, it began with a reset of shifting focus and demanding more from themselves than anyone else could imagine.

I'm not sure how that's affecting them today but hopefully, it's setting them up for a great week!

Sensei Chris