Initiative is Doing the Right Thing, Without Being Told

This month, First Choice Martial Arts would like to challenge its students to a taking initiative STARS challenge. The goal of this exercise is to encourage students to do things without being asked, and throughout life, it is no surprise that we will be challenged in so many ways, from school to sports to jobs, and careers. Good instructors, teachers, and employers are often on the lookout for those students that are willing to do what others won't do and will not only recognize but reward those of the highest level.

It is no coincidence that people that take initiative often have a long-term perspective, and this differs from those that are looking for immediate gratification only. A perfect example is a student that gives 100% to each lesson and is not only content with repetition but enjoys it. Having the discipline for repetition is a skill that not many people have, however at First Choice Martial Arts, we see our students perform these tasks with great ease. How can one student practice material they've done before with 100% effort and another student will get bored after a few reps? It all comes down to perspective, while one student is thinking about improving as they do it, the other student is often thinking about why they must do it.

Students that take initiative aren't doing it because they must, or just for the fun of it.  They are not interested in learning something new every single day but rather in improving what they already know. A student that is only interested in fun won't have the fuel for motivation in the long term. These types of students haven't thought hard enough about the why of what they are doing and it ultimately affects their attitudes in the longer run. If they give it a little bit of genuine thought and try to experience the feeling of achieving their future goal, they will have the ability to shift their attitude and see the magic of taking initiative without effort.

Think about what you would like to accomplish for December, but more importantly think about the why. Once you have the why the how is the easy part and watch as you become more disciplined in your initiative efforts. At the end of the month, there's a very good possibility that you will have reached some of your goals, developed a growth mindset, and have a higher level of confidence and self-esteem.

Good luck!

Sensei Chris