Inch by Inch it's a Cinch, Yard by Yard it's Going to be Hard

This month’s star sheet is designed to challenge our students on their push-ups and sit-ups for the month of July. With the extra time on our hands, we felt it was a good idea to see if our students could make a little more progress in these two areas.

When students attend their first karate lesson, we usually see it can be their first time doing a push-up and sit-up as a form of exercise. Most kids will have seen them before but have yet to experience the benefits of getting stronger from these two exercises. In recreational sports, there are so many skills that kids must learn to participate, which leaves little time for strength training for young children. So, it is at this point our students begin to benefit from the teachings of karate and how strength can benefit one’s technique. Furthermore, when a student feels stronger their confidence and self-esteem are directly impacted and it creates a positive influence in other areas of their life. As with any exercise, some students will immediately excel, and others will struggle but the goal of constant and never-ending improvement should remain the focus.

This is the reason this month’s exercise was designed for the month of July. It is a perfect opportunity for students to go at their own pace and try to make gains in these two areas. Taking the time pressure out of the equation in the classroom environment as well as allowing students to go at their own pace to complete this challenge was designed specifically for this. We hope you are as excited about this month’s star challenge as we are. If you didn’t start at the beginning of July, please remember it isn’t too late to start today. The Power of Now can be a powerful force and we encourage you to get moving right away.

Inch by inch it’s a Cinch, Yard by Yard it’s Going to be Hard!

Sensei Chris