Ignite Your Potential Fireworks Challenge

First Choice Martial Arts will be running an Ignite Your Potential, Fireworks Challenge for the next three weeks at the school. The purpose of this challenge is to get our students inspired to dig a little deeper and do a little more to get the most out of their training.

On May 18th via Facebook LIVE we will draw 4 lucky winners that will win a Family Fireworks package just in time for Victoria Day weekend. Tickets will be earned via attendance and doing something that truly stands out in the karate class. We really believe in the philosophy that showing up, with a great attitude, is 90% of the effort needed to succeed. The other 10% of going way above the norm is what will make you truly great in all aspects of martial arts training and in life.

We hope you use this opportunity to take everything you are doing now to a whole new level. As well we want to remind you that if you don’t win the prize that the effort and results will be greater than any prize you could ever receive. What you put into this is exactly what you will get out of this. There are no shortcuts in life and there are no shortcuts to Black Belt Excellence.

Good luck with this endeavor and always remember that success in anything comes down to two things, focus and effort.

The great thing is you control both!

Sensei Chris