Have Fun, But Do Not Be Funny!

When teaching at First Choice Martial Arts we as instructors are constantly looking for ways to get the best out of our students. In the early days of martial arts, a negative approach was very much associated with karate class and only the strong could survive. No matter what a student was capable of, there was one standard and one standard only. It seemed the traditional approach worked back then but maybe not so much now.

I was extremely fortunate and unfortunate to experience the transition from traditional to modern martial arts and see the pros and cons of both sides. In my first karate class my Sensei would stretch us to the point of tears and break us down to the point where we swore, we would never go back. At 13yrs of age it was rather hard to see the benefit of this approach let alone why one would put themselves through such agony. There was no positive and there was no sports science as to what was safe for the body and what was not. After many years of enduring this style of teaching I was further fortunate to be exposed to a different aspect of training. From another Sensei we got to see a contrast that was a lot more positive and inspiring.

This new approach fueled my desire to train harder, do better and expect more of myself. Although it was tough it seemed a lot more positive and we as students had the feeling that our instructor was really looking out for our best interests. This was a great environment for me and allowed me to see and experience both sides of both traditional and a more modern martial arts approach. I noticed immediately my skills grew faster and I had better confidence and more fun under this new learning method.

Fast forward to many years later, as a father of three, I have been blessed to see the coaching philosophies of both recreational and rep sports in my kids lives. This has exposed me to many coaches that were both good and bad and allowed me to observe and incorporate the best coaching methods into our core beliefs at First Choice Martial Arts. What has evolved at FCMA is a balance of fun and structure for our students. Kids need to have fun without getting carried away and we try our absolute best to provide this platform in class.  I often say to our students and instructors “Have Fun, But Do Not be Funny”.

We want every student to enjoy what they do, but do it to the best of their ability; there is no time for silly faces or rude behaviour. If your child is a student at First Choice Martial Arts, they will be expected to be disciplined. This is not a terrible word because we want them to think of it as a very honorable thing that make them and the people around them better. Sure, fun is important but isn’t it also a lot of fun getting better at something, making progress and working towards achievements and goals?

We want students to experience progress as progress instills confidence and with that it becomes a tremendous source of energy that is hard to stop. Momentum that further builds confidence and helps kids get closer to their goals is a remarkable thing that can take one's life in a completely new direction.

We want to see you continue to thrive at First Choice Martial Arts and in life; so, when you see fun and tough in the dojo know that we have your back and are looking out for your best interests. Stay the course, show the discipline, make the progress and remember to “Have Fun, But Do Not be Funny!”

Sensei Chris