Happy New Year!

Recently a family member of mine visited for a family get together and was excited about the prospect of September and the back to school structure.  Being in the field of education him and his wife, both a teacher and principal, were eager to get back to the routine of September. After a long summer of vacation and looser structure we both discussed the idea of how September feels like a new year.

In fact, during that weekend BBQ we even exchanged Happy New Years as we both were excited to see students, parents and families back with a fresh and invigorated attitude to tackle the school year. From my perspective I was happy to see our students back to their martial arts training with new and improved attitudes.

January 1st is often a time where we associate a new beginning and the setting of new goals. The unfortunate news is most people give up on their New Year’s Karate in Hamilton, Martial Arts Hamilton, Karate Ancaster, First Choice Martial Arts, Martial Arts Ancaster, Karate Stoney Creek, Martial Arts Stoney Creek, Karate Caledonia, Martial Arts Caledonia, Fitness, Kids Fitness, Kids Birthday Parties,Resolutions a few weeks after they have been set.  A recent Forbes magazine article stated that a mere 25% of people stay committed to their resolutions just after just 30 days. This is staggering because these people are wanting a change but just can’t seem to find the commitment and motivation to make it happen.

It became apparent that although these once a year events might help initially to make a change, we as people need to be motivated constantly. Therefore, Happy New Year September was born; and given the statistics it looks like we might need to look at a Happy New Year October and on and on to make things stick.

This September lets look at some new goals for self-improvement. Whether it be a new belt, your fitness, task and goals that support your bigger goals, First Choice Martial Arts is here to help! Although we don’t have all the answers, we want to do our best to make our students at FCMA feel better about themselves. Simply put we are committed to your success as much as you are and if this September is your New Year we would like to help.

Happy New Year!