Grow and Shine this Summer

Saturday, we watched in awe as our students performed exceptionally at yet another graduation. You could feel the buzz in the air from the moment the graduation began until it finished and what was especially entertaining was the crowd involvement that day.

After watching the videos back, you could see that each child was proud of their accomplishment, excited, and eager to perform in front of our amazing spectators. I heard stories of grandparents traveling more than six hours to attend the karate graduation, which shows how proud these students truly were of their achievements.

One moment that stood out was when Myles went up to the podium and read his Black Belt Club speech from start to finish in the most uplifting and emotional way. You could see tears in the parents' eyes as Myles talked about becoming a better human and doing great things not only in martial arts but in his life. He truly captured what being a Black Belt is all about and how it would impact not only himself but also those around him in a positive way.

As we rounded out the graduation, our instructors performed one last time, capping off the afternoon in such an energetic way. The cheers were loud and the kids were pumped as we sounded off.

As we move forward, we are excited about what the summer holds, including our specialized summer curriculum and fun, fun, fun at the dojo. This summer will be one of the best chances for kids to train to a new level and keep the momentum going for the fall. Being focused on something bigger is a skill that takes mastery, and it is so nice to see such young individuals and parents supporting this important character trait.

So, I need not remind you but if you forget, remember: “Summer is a time to grow and shine. While others are resting, the seeds you plant today will become the success you reap tomorrow!”

Sensei Chris