Graduation is Back!

With Belt Testing coming up next month we are so excited to see graduation return at First Choice Martial Arts. It’s been over two years since our last graduation was abruptly halted because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remembering back, we had prepped quite a bit to prepare the kids for a magical celebration that day. The instructors were working diligently on a performance that they were fine-tuning for their performance on Saturday, March 22, 2020. On the Friday before graduation, we made the difficult decision to cancel due to the unknown circumstances surrounding the pandemic.

Fast forward, two years later we have moved forward and conducted Belt Testing both inside the school, outside the school as well as virtually. It’s been quite the roller coaster as students have adjusted to the narrative we've faced at each moment in time.

On Saturday June 18th we are excited to bring back karate graduation and a return to our performances. We realize it is a little bit early to be practising but we feel like we would like to get a head start on this special opportunity. This past week we started to introduce some of the graduation performances and the kids are picking them up with ease. But what we’ve really noticed is their levels of intensity, power and confidence are reaching new all-time highs.

There’s a sense of purpose that’s been restored and it is a much-needed element in our training. Furthermore this purpose is creating that drive and passion that we are used to seeing within our students. Lets’ continue this quest towards black belt excellence and use this new invigorated enthusiasm to move us forward.

I'm confident making the most of this opportunity and bringing the best energy you can to class can only benefit you as a student. Your output will not only inspire those around you, it will also shift your future and what you are truly capable of. In the end the work you put in will bring you great satisfaction when you are awarded that new rank and wear it with pride.

Enjoy these next few weeks and cherish the moments as you take your training to new heights.

Dedicated to your Achievements.

Sensei Chris