Goals we Set are Goals we Get


After teaching martial arts for more than 30 years, I am still curious as to why kids are interested in karate. The answers I usually get from them are along the lines of "I want to learn how to kick" or "I want to be a ninja." However, when I pose this question to the parents, their responses typically boil down to three or four words: confidence, focus, respect, and self-discipline.

Parents are not usually excited about their child becoming the next Ninja Turtle but appreciate the structure that martial arts can provide. With the world moving so fast and kids having digital screens with TikTok videos and YouTube just a second away, it's no wonder kids sometimes have a hard time focusing.

The dopamine from those swipes repeatedly, or that next level on a video game is hard to compete with, but structured play versus free play provides a platform that kids need more than ever. While some kids may respond well to the creativity aspect of free play, I often find that younger kids lack the discipline of its’ intended purpose.

When given the task of doing whatever they want, however they want, kids will often get excited for a moment, but that excitement rarely lasts. On the other hand, if a child can get excited about structure and a work ethic that moves them toward a goal, it can set the wheels in motion for something much bigger.

We take pride in knowing that what we're doing, albeit sometimes repetitive, provides children with the discipline we need to handle life's challenges moving forward. There has never been a day in my life when I have not been grateful for the structure that karate has provided me and how it has shaped my destiny.

So, with that in mind, we will march on and continue to train these disciplined students, helping them make the most and the best of their lives as they continue their path to Black Belt excellence.

Always remember the Goals we set, are Goals we Get!

Sensei Chris