Give When You Get Nothing Back!

This past Sunday I was watching Sensei Analissa and Sensei Russell teach class and conduct belt testing. At one moment Sensei Analissa asked if Sensei Russell could step up and perform his form for the kids. Although Sensei Russell was not testing, she felt it was a good idea to show the kids what kind of potential they could have with their training if they decided to give their all.

At this point, Sensei Russell enthusiastically jumped up, paused, and began performing Universal 6 with 100% intensity, precision, power, focus, and effort. When he finished the kids and parents in the lobby were speechless and the dojo went silent as they processed what had just happened. After it set in the kids were then asked to step up and perform their forms for the class. When they did, it was a sight to see as each student had been inspired and tried to emulate what they saw in Sensei Russell’s form.

What Sensei Analissa had asked Sensei Russell to do had now positively affected the class for the rest of its duration. Her goal wasn’t to get Sensei Russell to show off but rather to watch him give his all and in doing so she knew it would inspire the class in a positive way. And did it ever, you see by Sensei Russell giving his all, he knew it would create the intensity he was looking for from the students. He knew they would give back and perform at a level not seen before. He wasn’t doing it for himself but rather the greater good of the students.

As instructors, we get to motivate and inspire our students to do more than they think they can. It’s very rewarding to see a student that is reserved become more outgoing, confident, and stronger with their persona. For us giving ultimately comes back tenfold and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This Saturday let’s give our all and know we’ve prepared ourselves for this moment. You might just find that when you give, give, give it comes back to you in a big, big, big way. Think of the pride and recognition you will receive after performing and how it will better prepare you to tackle that next big challenge in your life. Grads are a great opportunity to take you out of your comfort zone and grow your skills as you find a way to give your all in a little bit more of a pressured environment. Pressure can also be good and being able to perform under pressure will help you break into that new level.

We know you are capable and will do well. So live your life with an attitude of gratitude and give, give, give!!!

Sensei Chris