Fussy Eaters No More

As a parent, we all know how challenging it can be to get children to try new foods, especially when they are fussy eaters. However, it's essential to encourage kids to broaden their taste buds to promote their overall health and well-being. First Choice Martial Arts’ STAR Challenge is the Fussy Eaters Challenge this month. If you are struggling, here are some useful tips to inspire children to try new foods. 

  1. Set a Good Example: Kids tend to mimic their parents or caregivers, therefore, if you're enthusiastic about trying new foods, your child is more likely to follow your lead. 
  1. Get Creative with your food presentation: Children are attracted to colors and fun shapes. Try creatively presenting new foods, such as cutting them into fun shapes or arranging them into smiley faces on their plates. It’s no different from a karate Sensei having a child do a superhero push-up to get them more excited about the exercise. 
  1. Involve them in meal planning: Kids are more likely to try new foods when they have a say in what they eat. Involve your child in meal planning by asking for their input or allowing them to choose one new food to try each week. 
  1. Make It Fun: Turn mealtime into a fun experience by adding games or challenges to encourage your child to try new foods. For example, you can make a game out of guessing the ingredients in a new dish to involve them in the process. 
  1. Start small: Introduce new foods in small portions and pair them with familiar foods. This way, your child won't feel overwhelmed and will be more willing to try something new. 
  1. Be patient: Don't force your child to eat new foods. It takes time for children to develop their taste buds, so be patient and continue to offer new foods, sooner or later it will happen. 

We wish you luck in this challenging endeavor. On a personal note, I finally got my son to try some much-needed newer foods this past year! 

…….sure it took 18 years and a University meal plan, but it is better late than never! 

Sensei Chris