Fresh Air Breeds Success

With forest fires in Ontario and Quebec, some of the outdoor activities that we enjoy could be impacted this summer due to the air quality outside There is talk of summer camps being modified, as well as outdoor sports, recreation, and leisure being impacted depending on the day.

Fortunately, as First Choice Martial Arts students, we get the privilege of training inside in a comfortable climate-controlled environment. There really is no excuse to not get out and enjoy the character-building traits that karate provides to oneself. In the past 21 years other than COVID, there has been a handful of closures from the odd snowstorm, pipe burst, and one power outage, at night, where we had to close a little bit early. I am proud of that track record and look forward to seeing our students progress this summer as they will not have to worry about the outdoor air quality.

This summer, we are excited to bring Summerfest back to First Choice Martial Arts. If you're not familiar with the concept, what will happen is each week throughout the summer we will be focusing on various curriculums from weapons training to various Black Belt combos for our students followed by random draws for some cool prizes. Summerfest is a great motivation for students and with the extra time on students’ hands, it is an excellent opportunity to excel.

FCMA will award tickets to students, that will go into a summer ballot box, and the more tickets you earn the greater your chances of winning the random prizes. Students will earn tickets from attendance, effort, superior attitude, and giving 100%. Having said that we will continue to work on our regular curriculum so as not to take our eyes off the September graduation.

So, let’s continue to develop as mature martial artists and set the bar even higher as we strive towards that next level. We’ve had a good run throughout the school year but now is not the time to regress and lose that momentum. Take a breath, focus, act, and achieve as summer 2023 is one of the most memorable stepping stones to an even better school year in the fall.

Always remember, fresh air breed success, stale air stalls progress!

Sensei Chris