Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow.

When 2022 rang in you might’ve had big goals to tackle this year only to find the current restrictions challenge your progress. After an extended holiday break and mini lockdown, it looks like students and parents are starting to get organized as in person school resumes next week. When it comes to martial arts training, the skills and mastery of the arts take countless classes and hours of training to attain perfection.

What’s amazing is we are seeing the best virtual attendance at our school in the past 21 months. With an attendance rate of 95% in the past 10 days it is mind boggling just how disciplined the students at FCMA are.  Like anything in life, success in the martial arts is about 90% showing up and it looks like 2022 is going to be a great year!

Think about it would your child be successful if they went to school 50% of the time or would we as adults perform to the best of our abilities if we did our jobs occasionally. Sure, you may need to do your school or training a little differently depending on the landscape but the point is you "Just Do it". It requires commitment and dedication not just from the student, but all people involved with the experience. From moms and dads to grandparents, it is a team effort and those that attend their classes regularly are better off because of it.

Recently a student of ours was struggling because they were nervous on screen. We tried our best to rectify the challenge but found ourselves in the same situation a few days later. What we discovered was the student was struggling not because of their confidence but rather their ability to be consistent when to coming to class. After a few extra sessions and a little hand holding I am happy to say this student has attended class 5 out of the last 6 days. Wow!

When next week kicks in lets make our best attempt to strive to Black Belt Excellence through training, attitude and commitment. We are very eager to see further progress with our students in 2022. Sure there may be a twist or turn along the way but what better way to be on a journey than with students like you.

Proud of your accomplishments,

Sensei Chris