Building the Momentum for Successful Kids.

For those that crave structure and routine it appears September went as fast as it came. With that many kids went back to school, back to karate and back to routine. I am sure for many there was a lot of angst at first but as they settled into routine things got easier with each passing day. Looking into October we are excited to see another group of kids preparing for belt exams and working toward their short- and longer-term goals. This is the momentum that kids need to be successful not only in martial arts but in all areas of their lives.

At First Choice Martial Arts we are constantly humbled as teachers when we witness our students continue to strive to do their best even during the most uncertain times. A river is easy to channel but hard to stop and it appears our students have gotten that message. With a little over 2 weeks to go we would like to challenge everyone to put forth an even greater effort and show the self-discipline that is required to be the best martial artist you can be.

Having said that, it has never been more important than to apply this river momentum into other areas of one’s life and do bigger and better things. Why come to karate class and give 100% and not do that at school?  It just would not make sense and very rarely will we see our students give their all in the lesson and not do it elsewhere. Momentum is a funny thing and it tends to spill over to other areas of children’s lives. Once it starts it is hard to stop be it good or bad. As a disciplined martial artist, you will hear the messages of positivity and are mentally trained to be positive and build momentum that empowers you. 

A compliment in karate class for a job well can be the momentum needed and does in fact sometimes translate into better self-confidence. With improved self-confidence kids will see the results of their effort and how it leads to success. This then further re-enforces the behaviour and you begin to see a student with a new self identity. Kids will hear this from their parents, teachers, and instructors but we want to remind them that they can also hear it from themselves.

We have seen what you can do up till now, but it is more important than ever that you recognize your abilities and strive to do even more over the next couple of weeks. Should you know your stuff? Should you try your best during your exam? Of course! But I want to remind you that once a karate student always a karate student and if you are going to give 100% at the dojo, expect us to expect 100% in everything you do.  You are truly capable and now is the time to create the momentum that will help guide you to not only be a Black Belt in karate but a Black Belt in life!

Sensei Chris