December 17th Graduation Is Going to be Great!

This week we are going to begin karate our graduation demo routines as we approach our December 17th celebration. We are excited to watch our students ramp up to the test and be ready to perform on this very important night. Having said that some students have been ill as of late, and we recognize that you may be a few classes behind.

With four weeks to go, we ask that you focus on reviewing your current form as well as making sure that your attendance is in check. Don't think if you've missed a few classes that you can't get back on track just as quickly as that would just be negative thinking. Our goal is to focus on the task at hand, look at the goal we are working towards, and make sure that nothing stops us from achieving what we've set out to do.

What is also very exciting is we have two black belt tests over the next two weeks and these students have dedicated many years to training at First Choice Martial Arts. These are important milestones and even two of our instructors are getting ready for their first-degree exams. Watching these students grow as martial artists and mature into young adults has been a very rewarding experience and is why we do what we do.

When I look at the cross-section of the school, every class has its unique differences, and we recognize that each student may be at a different level of rank and or maturity. All we ask is for your best and for you to get the most out of your classes over the next few weeks. Progress and achievement go hand in hand but more importantly, we want you to recognize the progress that you've made thus far. With a little positive self-thinking and some extra effort, we know you can reach that next step toward black belt excellence.

We're excited about this journey and wish you continued success on your path to Black Belt.

Stay strong!

Sensei Chris