Congratulations, Hard Work Pays Off

Last Saturday we conducted a Black Belt exam and seven of our amazing students were successfully promoted to their ranks. What's interesting about this group is all seven of these students started in our Little Dragons program. This means they would have started around the same age, been training in the same classes, and gone through each and every exam at pretty much the same pace.

It is inspiring to see children recognize the value of seeing something in the long term. I'm sure there were times when motivation was high and there were also likely times when motivation was lower. Sure, it's easy to give 100% when you're in a highly motivated state but sometimes life isn't always like that. There would have been times when these students would have gone on vacation, gotten sick, gone through virtual training, and the list goes on and on and on.

How did these students get through these periods of uncertainty when motivation can falter? The answer is simple, discipline and these students have discipline, and they use it consistently all the time. We saw this last Saturday as there were times when the students breezed through the exam and then there were also times when they were starting to question whether they could finish. What pulled them through was their level of discipline and interesting enough, there was one student that got pneumonia two days before the last exam back in April. Had he not had the superior self-discipline that he exercised he wouldn't have been at the test last Saturday.

We are super proud of your hard work and accomplishments, and it was amazing to see such a valiant effort from such a strong group of students. Continue to impact those around you, be disciplined in your efforts and you will succeed over and over again beyond the realm of the Dojo.

Discipline will not only determine your success, but it will also determine your length of success too!

Sensei Chris