Go Out of Your Way, To Find Your Way.

On December 6, 2021, we had 11 students successfully pass their Black Belt exams at First Choice Martial Arts. These students had gone through a challenging year but despite their circumstances they stayed the course and watched their dream come true that day.

It was inspiring to watch as each student gave 100% that night during their Black Belt test. There were times of emotion, frustration, inspiration and eventually a feeling of accomplishment as these students pulled through to the finish line. We as instructors felt extremely proud as did their parents as we watched these young students change the course of their destiny.

What was particularly interesting was after achieving such a big accomplishment these same students we’re back in class days after going through such a challenging and rigorous physical. It seems that they were more interested in progress than the achievement itself. This attitude shift can only lead to greater successes in all areas as they move forward in life.

With 2021 wrapping up we are two weeks away from a new year and we are once again seeing our students step it up. There are some that are stuck at home in self-isolation but are not missing a beat through Virtual training. It is easy to use our circumstances as an excuse, sit idle and do nothing but we are seeing exactly the opposite. Students are going online and finding a way to be involved, motivated and in the pursuit of progress. Whether it’s the sense of connection, the drive to succeed or recognizing the value in training we continue to see young students developing greater maturity and it is impacting them in a great way.

What a great attitude to have going into a new year with this renewed optimism and a chance to achieve even greater successes. We want to commend each student for a job well done this year despite some of the challenges we endured. We are proud of your commitment and dedication and we look forward to even greater success in 2022. We can only imagine what great opportunities lie ahead for each and everyone of you as you strive towards Black Belt Success.

Congratulations on a job well done! 

Dedicated to your achievements.

Sensei Chris