Believe you Can and Your Halfway There

With another Graduation in the books this past Saturday, it was incredible to see our students perform to the best of their abilities once again. What was different this grad was the infectious energy we saw from the crowds that night as the cheering was loud, resulting in a significant impact on each student’s performance.

As each group approached the floor, we reminded our spectators to cheer loudly and proudly as it would further push our performers to give the intensity they needed in their demonstrations. The message was well received, and you could see the shift from class to the stage where each graduate found a way to give that little more and produce a better result.

It’s interesting to see when you give a little confidence in others, they have a little more confidence in themselves. I’m sure all the moms, dads, and grandparents were raving after grad and the impact will be felt long after that event on the 23rd.

So, as we begin another rotation and phased journey to Black Belt let’s see if we can keep that confidence high and use it to make better progress going forward. If Saturday was proof of what you are truly capable of then hold onto that memory and use it as a future reference for the next time you need to step up to the plate.

Although you may be back to that learning phase of curriculum training, remember you will be once again performing in the months to come. So, use that focus and determination as you delve into the new material and continue to approach it with a masterful mindset so you can continue to evolve as a better karate student.

Oh, and when the next graduation comes around again let’s remind our awesome parents of Matthew Jacobson’s famous quote, “Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first!”

Sensei Chris