A Never Quit Attitude

Yesterday First Choice Martial Arts held its’ September Black Belt testing, and we are proud to say that eight students successfully passed their Black Belt exams. This is quite the milestone considering that these kids have gone through a medley of training platforms over the past few years. From in-class training to virtual classes to outdoor classes back to indoor classes then back to outdoor classes and back to indoor classes and finally to regular classes. It makes your head shake when you consider all the disruptions these kids had to face over these past few years.

With that many changes and disruptions, no one would blame any of these students if they lost their way to Black Belt. What held it together was a level of discipline that was beyond what anyone could’ve possibly imagined. I'm sure there were times when that virtual class was running, and it was easier to stay offline than go online but these two students decided it was important for them. Surely, they were motivated at times but there were other times when they needed that discipline to do what they knew was the right thing for them and see it through. Each step was a step forward and these kids knew they were doing it for a greater purpose and goal.

Yesterday during the exam there were times when the students were challenged beyond what they thought they could do but they ultimately succeeded using a little bit of perseverance, hard work, and determination. I am proud to say that these students were likely Black Belts long before the exam started and displayed the qualities of Black Belt excellence prior to the test.

It's easy to forget that they are young children so when they go above and beyond the call of duty it is very inspiring for us as instructors to know that what we're doing is positive and making for the greater good.

So, with that being said we want to again congratulate you on a job well done and look forward to the next leg of the journey as you continue your path to Black Belt Excellence.

One day you will thank yourself for never giving up!

Sensei Chris