A Leader in the Making

Recently, a parent told me that her 9-year-old daughter was so intrigued with push-ups that she asked for push-up bars on a recent shopping trip. At first. I thought what a great way to train but didn’t fully appreciate the thought of the gesture. While I’m sure her peers at school were enthralled with things like an iPad, Tik Tok, and/or the iPhone, I’m not sure they would share the same enthusiasm about the push-up bars.

This student is extremely dedicated, although a little quiet at times, and has really become more confident with each lesson. She is driven, gives 100%, and doesn’t’ seek extra attention in the lesson as she is content with her training. What really impresses me is her ability to be inwardly confident and this is a rare skill to have. While many of us will seek recognition for a job well done this student puts her opinions first of herself and doesn’t rely on what others think.

As a martial artist, I can truly appreciate the importance of presence when someone confidently walks into a room. However, it is also easy to see the phoniness when someone tries way too hard to show how smart, rich, or strong they might be. At, First Choice Martial Arts nothing makes us prouder as instructors than when a student looks content with their abilities and holds a conversation with maturity and poise while their peers stumble to find the words.

So, whatever, your goal or interest might be do it passionately with a never quit attitude and pay attention as you succeed. If you happen to be like the student, I mentioned earlier you might just surprise yourself. In fact, you may not notice others noticing, which is fine but believe me, people are taking note. How this affects you gives you much more added responsibility and the opportunity to be that leader in the making we know you are.

Always remember, “What you are looking for is not out there. It is in you.”

Sensei Chris