80% of Success is Showing Up

When you decide to commit it sets the groundwork for some exciting things about to come. If you think of a car stuck in the snow it doesn't matter how much you think about getting the car out, pondering what to do, or how could this happen to you these delayed thinking patterns do nothing with the immediate situation. You need traction for that car and you need to act; whether it's stepping on the accelerator, pushing the car, or using a board for the tire you're going to need to do something to get it out of the snow.

Commitment and action go hand in hand. When you commit and act regularly you begin to create the momentum needed to move towards your goals. Pursuing a Black Belt is the same, but if you get caught up in all the details and how hard it might be you can easily talk yourself out of anything. However, if you attend class, commit, and take the necessary actions each week you will find yourself in a position of being a Black Belt before you know it.

As instructors we often see a student who we think should surely make it to Black Belt, does not. We also regularly see another student who seems to have everything going against them make it all the way. How can this be? I’m sure there are a lot of variables to answer that question, but it comes down to commitment and acting. These students have found success with acting, and they know the result of their efforts and how it impacts them.

Attendance, in my opinion, is something that all students and parents should take very seriously. If your goal is to have fun and not be serious then this may not matter to you, but I’ve always seen a lot of pride and confidence built when our karate students succeed. Success breeds success and at all ages, it can matter and be the difference between a self-driven child with unstoppable confidence. However, if you are always playing catch-up because you are late or missed, you are going to see the exact opposite reaction. Now we see something positive become a chore and create unnecessary stress when all it took was a little organization and being a tiny bit more serious.

So, let’s continue to be on time, have our Gi ready, and make your classes so you can continue to evolve into the Superstar you are meant to be. It’s not going to be that hard and I’m sure if you get moving today you will see the benefits of your actions sooner rather than later as you trek your way to Black Belt.

Remember goals we set are goals we get!

Sensei Chris